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bravestwarriors: This GIF is taken from the second episode of Bravest Warriors, “Emotion Lord”
Hey… you. Yes, YOU!*pokes*
Did you know there is an ALL NEW episode of Bravest Warriors airing today on Cartoon Hangover?
“Memory Donk”
These are the facts: the Bravest Warriors are on a bus. Their destination: somewhere. Their goal: … something. Wait, who are the Bravest Warriors, anyway? The team must remember their identities before they crash into the NeoMars Convention Center. Things looks pretty grim for the Bravest Whoevers, but at least they have plenty of bread.
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Bravest Warriors #2 hits shelves today and wow, does it look—and smell—great! Pick up a copy at your friendly neighborhood comic shop, or just go on over to BOOM! and order yourself an issue or two.

Featured here is the variant cover by Zach Sterling.

If you still don’t know what this whole Bravest Warriors thing is about, check us out on Cartoon Hangover. —Chris
Coming this week… on Bravest Warriors (Nov. 19th - 25th)
We have loads of GIFs, photosets and various pieces of glorious fan art rolling out all this week.
But here’s what else we have planned for you…
Sassy Moments with the Bravest Warriors: Behind the Scenes of “Emotion Lord”
Super Special Bravest Warriors surprise on CartoonHangover that you don’t want to miss!
Fan Art Friday - Theme this week: How would you mess with the Bravest Warriors, if you were an Emotion Lord? Be inspired by “Emotion Lord”
No Saturday animatic… :( Because of SPECIAL SURPRISE (see: THURS) ^__^
Bravest Warriors ep. 3, “Butter Lettuce” (airing Nov. 29th) on CartoonHangover
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bravestwarriors: Low poly model of Beth.

Beth from Bravest Warriors just entered the 3rd dimension
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“Emotion Lord” aired yesterday so what are you waiting for? Check out the newest episode of Bravest Warriors, on Cartoon Hangover!
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Thank you Jeremy for the great looking poly model of Beth